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Consultation, Workshops, & Lectures

Dr. Macdonald shares his insight and experience through lectures, tailored workshops, and specialized training for a wide range of groups, including:

  • Educators / Schools
  • Parents / Parent Groups
  • Physicians / Health Care Providers
  • Community Groups
  • Corporate Groups
  • High-Performance Teams (corporate, athletic, fine arts, academic)

All of Dr. Macdonald’s work is high-energy, positively-focused, strength-based - all with a focus on evidence-based approaches, delivered with levity and compassion.

The goal of any consultation, PD, or training will always have the same anticipated outcome: “What is at least ONE thing you will do differently tomorrow, based on what we learned today?”


Topics can include (but in no way are limited to):

  • Assessing and enhancing mental toughness in school / professional leaders, professional teams, teachers, and students 
  • Developing positive relationships with adolescents
  • 25 things kids with ADHD wished their parents & teachers knew
  • Positive approaches to family screen use (and pitfalls to avoid!)
  • School-based consultation (Positive team relationships; Strategy development for complex students) with teachers / school leaders / parents
  • Understanding and working with people who experience anxiety

Dr. Macdonald is happy to discuss your group’s specific needs to develop a professional development plan for your specific team. We work hard to provide fees-for-service that match your organization’s needs and budget. Please contact us for details.

Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight: Mental Toughness for Everyone

by Brent Macdonald, PhD

Mental toughness is NOT what you think it is!  It’s not about just “sucking it up” or being “hard.” In Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight: Mental Toughness for Everyone, you will learn about what mental toughness really is and how it can benefit everyone.  The book is designed for use in personal and professional development, for work with teams and students, for developing and experienced leaders, and in relationships. Dr. Macdonald incorporates contemporary psychological research, history, pop media and personal stories into a highly readable text that also provides you with a number of strategies that you can start using today to enhance your own mental toughness!

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Where applicable, Onward Psychology Group can arrange direct billing to most insurers for covered services.

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