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Social-Emotional / Behavioural (including ADHD)

Social-Emotional / Behavioural Assessment

Ages 6 years and older  | Fee: $1,600-$3,600 (third-party billing available)

In many cases, our clients (including children / adolescents and their parents and adult clients) report that they are struggling at school, work, or in relationships because of challenges with focus, attention, impulsivity, emotional outbursts, lack of attention to detail, or combinations of these or other challenges. Sometimes, ADHD may be at the root of some of these challenges.

Proper diagnosis of ADHD involves much more than an online quiz or a 5-minute checklist with your family doctor. A well-designed assessment will help you understand why these challenges exist and a structured plan to reduce the impairments, so that you can have much more positive interactions at school, work, home, and with relationships.

What’s Included:

  • Children / Adolescents: Intake meeting, parent/child/adolescent interviews
  • Adults: Intake meeting, client/partner/parent interviews
  • File review
  • Testing / questionnaires
  • Data scoring and interpretation
  • Feedback interview
  • Report writing
  • Written report within 4 weeks
  • Follow-up session within 2 months (can be booked at time of feedback, no later than 8 weeks from date report sent)
  • Permission to follow up at 12 months

Third-Party Billing

Where applicable, Onward Psychology Group can arrange direct billing to most insurers for covered services.

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